MAN Lion's City CNG

Technology and environment

MAN has decades of expertise in the development of gas engines and buses. The result is impressive: The latest CNG engines deliver excellent exhaust gas emission values. The E2876 exhaust gas emissions fall significantly below the strict Euro 6 limits. As opposed to Euro 6 diesel engines, no extensive exhaust-gas aftertreatment techniques and additional operating fluids are required. CNG engines made by MAN set their benchmarks with 3-way catalytic converters, without using AdBlue®.

  • The gas system on board

    The gas pressure tanks are housed under an aerodynamic hood on the roof of the MAN Lion's City CNG. Natural gas is stored in them at an operating pressure of 200 bar. Up to 10 gas cylinders can be fitted in the modular storage system. This provides ranges up to 500 kilometres even for the articulated bus.

  • Decades of expertise

    Over the years, MAN has built up consider engineering expertise in development of gas engines. For example, different combustion variants (lean-burn engines, lean-mix engines, stoichiometric engines) and installation forms (horizontal and vertical) have been examined in the past. The result is impressive: The latest Euro 6 engines deliver excellent exhaust gas emission values.


Exhaust gas emissions of the E2876 MAN CNG engine

The trend in permissible exhaust emissions limits for commercial vehicles is highly dynamic. Since introduction of exhaust-gas standards in 1992, the limits for nitrogen oxides have been reduced by 97 % and for particulates by over 98 %. Nonetheless, the exhaust gas emissions of the MAN E2876 lie significantly below the limits currently required with Euro 6.

WHTC = World-wide Harmonised Transient Cycle
Weighting: 14% cold + 86 % warm
Test gas: G25, emission values including deterioration factors

Suitable for biogas

One major advantage of the CNG engines made by MAN lies in their suitability for operation with processed biogas and the subsequent additional reduction of CO2 emissions. Hence, a Lion's City fuelled with biomethane can save 39,000 tons of CO2 over a time period of 12 years.