MAN Lion´s City

Efficient on the road in urban traffic

All MAN Lion's City models are fitted with an extremely efficient transmission control unit. The topography-dependent transmission control unit automatically activates the most-efficient shift programme during the journey in response to the uphill or downhill gradient over the route. On steep ascents, power mode automatically supplies the maximum power. On level routes, on the other hand, eco mode switches earlier to the fuel-saving, high gears. A further advantage is the quieter driving noises with low shift speeds. On downhill gradients, the system also automatically provides the optimum braking power. The two-stage air compressor with automatic idle system and the optimised cowl flap also contribute to a reduction in fuel consumption. The improved airflow aids engine cooling, reducing energy consumption. This results in an overall reduction in fuel consumption of up to 0.3 l per 100 km.


With exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) in conjunction with cooling of the recirculated exhaust gas, a lower temperature is produced in the cylinder combustion chamber – thus less nitrogen oxides are produced during combustion.

MAN AdBlue® technology with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) by around 90 percent. AdBlue® is used here, a synthetically manufactured 32.5% urea solution. The technology was combined with the CRT system as part of Euro 6 compliance in order to adhere to the stringent statutory emission values. Furthermore, the fuel consumption of a city bus is reduced by an average of approximately three to five percent compared to the EEV standard.

Further information on SCR and MAN AdBlue®

The MAN CRTec® system is also used in the MAN Lion's City bus series to meet the high legal requirements for particulate values. The continuously regenerable, electronically controlled filter system removes up to 99 percent of the entire particulate matter. The system has been merged with SCR technology to fulfil the Euro 6 exhaust-gas standard. The result: Fuel consumption for a city bus model is reduced by an average of approximately three to five percent compared to the EEV standard (Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicles).

Further information on MAN CRTec®

The standard diesel engines of the MAN Lion's City bus series are being driven in urban traffic with extremely low pollution. Even more environmentally-friendly is the output of the natural gas engines (Euro 6 with CNG), offered as a six-cylinder engine with 200 kW (272 HP) and 228 kW (310 HP). Externally, the compressed natural gas models are very similar to the other city buses. One identifying feature, though, is the elegantly proportioned roof cover that conceals the gas tanks.

The segmented side walls feature particularly high corrosion and weather resistance, as well as high mechanical loading capacity. If damaged, the entire side wall no longer needs to be replaced, only the affected segments. The repair can be carried out quickly and inexpensively by the customer without the need for special tools.

The new MAN city bus doors mark a significant increase in quality in comparison to the solutions currently on the market. The completely new development is impressive with its greatly reduced susceptibility to failure in everyday use. The inward-swinging door (ISD) and outward-swinging door (OSD) variants meet demanding requirements for a reliable, rugged and maintenance-free solution thanks to their wear-free components, a completely encapsulated drive unit and optimised sensing and cable routing.