MAN Lion's Coach EfficientLine

MAN Lion's Coach EfficientLine – consistently efficient on the road

The MAN Lion's Coach EfficientLine is designed for maximum economy and maximum environmental protection: thanks to a wide variety of efficiency-enhancing equipment, the economical coach series has developed its strengths in particular in long-haul journeys. Furthermore, it impresses through great comfort, minimum total costs of ownership (TCO) and outstanding CO2 efficiency. The vehicle service life, reduced maintenance and repair costs as well as the low fuel consumption also effect the balance sheet positively.

With its strong 440 HP common rail engine, MAN TipMatic® automated 12-speed manual transmission as well as the eco-hypoid rear axle, the MAN Lion's Coach EfficientLine is fully designed for efficiency. Reduction of the fuel consumption is always the central focus: the entire equipment package serves for optimisation of the powertrain, air and rolling resistance as well as the vehicle weight. Because less is more – and more efficiency means less operating costs.

The MAN Lion's Coach EfficientLine is optimally designed to keep the total cost of ownership (TCO) as low as possible. This is ensured by the specially developed efficiency concept that reduces fuel consumption by up to 4 litres over 100 km compared to a conventionally configured MAN Lion’s Coach.

Optimum CO2 efficiency is one of the strengths of the MAN Lion's Coach EfficientLine. Thanks to the high-torque common rail engines with a displacement of 12.4 litres and 440 HP, the Lion´s Coach EfficientLine can be driven with extreme fuel savings. The outstanding environmental balance: with an annual vehicle mileage of 100,000 km up to 10,520 kg CO2 emissions can be saved.

Generous space and ergonomic comfort seats with ample legroom enable comfortable travel on even long journeys. Additional comfort is provided by a kitchen and on-board toilet fitted in all models of the MAN Lion's Coach EfficientLine. To make every passenger feel all-round good, the separately adjustable service sets above each seat enable optimum lighting and a perfect interior climate.