MAN Lion's Coach EfficientLine

Much safety for an all-round good feeling

Drive well and travel comfortably – this claim is fulfilled by the MAN Lion's Coach EfficientLine with maximum safety This is ensured by multiple intelligent systems and innovative technologies.

They support the driver when driving and always give passengers the feeling of having the best all-round protection.


Safety components for the MAN Lion's Coach EfficientLine*

The Electronic Braking System (EBS) ensures superb and reliable braking characteristics. It includes the ABS anti-lock braking system and ASR traction control system components.

Further information on the Electronic Braking System

Tyre pressure control system TPM

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring system (TPM) is part of the TyreManagement. With the TPM, the driver is able to monitor the vehicle tyre pressure continuously, and is warned when the pressure drops below a minimum pressure – even during the journey.

The tyre repair kit (RRK) is the second element in TyreManagement and is used for sealing punctures in the tyre tread – without having to change the tyre.

MAN BrakeMatic® enables the downhill driving speed set by the cruise control or brake pedal to be held constant. The MAN BrakeMatic® also automatically activates the sustained-action brakes.

Further information on MAN BrakeMatic®

The driving dynamics control system ESP (Electronic Stability Program) supports the driver in critical driving situations and prevents skidding or tipping over when driving too fast in curves. The ESP stabilises the vehicle the preventive speed reduction with selective controlled braking of single wheels.

Further information on the Electronic Stability Program

All MAN Lion's Coach EfficientLine models are equipped with xenon headlights and headlight cleaning systems as standard. The xenon light illuminates the roadway much better and therefore provide additional safety in bad weather or low visibility conditions. It has double the light intensity than conventional halogen bulbs and also impresses through having a very long service life.

One key component in the comprehensive safety concept of the MAN Lion's Coach EfficientLine is fire protection. Standard equipment on all coaches made by MAN includes a high standard of passive safety equipment.

The newly-developed MAN EBA (Emergency Brake Assist) system sets standards for road traffic safety. The fusion of radar sensors and camera allows for an even more accurate interpretation of dangerous situations and thus increases traffic safety. In case of an emergency braking, the ESS (Emergency Stopping Signal) emergency brake signal is also activated besides the brake lights – the hazard warning flasher operates at an increased flashing frequency to notify traffic participants of the emergency, thus reducing the risk of a rear-end collision.

The emergency brake assist system with sensor fusion comes standard on all MAN vehicles subject to mandatory specification requirements for new vehicles effective from November 2015. The technology already complies with stricter EU requirements applicable from November 2018.

The distance to the vehicle in front is often misjudged. Adaptive cruise control (ACC) automatically adapts the distance to the vehicle travelling in front according to the preset settings, thereby significantly reducing the risk of rear-end collisions.

Further information on Adaptive Cruise Control

Additional safety in traffic with even more accurate lane detection: Using the latest camera technology, LGS monitors whether vehicle leaves its lane as reliably as never before. Should the bus cross the lane marking without using turn signals, the LGS warns the driver with a clear acoustic signal and thus helps to minimise the risk of an accident.

Further information on the lane guard system

* This is a selection from our portfolio. Detailed information can be obtained from your sales representative.