MAN Lion’s Intercity

Outstanding safety and more flexibility in long-distance transport

The MAN Lion’s Intercity will inspire you – with more safety and comfort for the passengers, a cockpit consequently oriented to the needs of the driver and maximum efficiency.

The high flexibility in the configuration allows the orientation of our MAN Lion’s Intercity to the deployment as intercity bus, in shuttle transport or as school bus. With regard to the transport of school children, safety is a top priority. Therefore, the MAN Lion’s Intercity already meets the standard ECE R66.02 applicable from 2017, the particularly stringent requirements for the strength of the body in buses.

Material, production and processing in MAN Lion’s Intercity are consistently designed for long service life. The high MAN quality standards ensure that the bus is very well equipped for the demanding long-distance travelling - every day anew.

In road traffic, accidents can never be ruled out - it's good if passengers, driver and other road users can count on it that everything is done for your protection. For the MAN Lion's Intercity, safety is a top priority.

In addition, accidents lead to increased costs due to repairs and downtimes. The intercity bus is equipped with numerous safety systems. The risk of accident is reduced significantly and the economic efficiency is maximised.

The MAN Lion’s Intercity already meets the standard ECE R66.02 applicable from 2017 for roll-over rigidity and thus provides an even higher passive safety.

The MAN Lion’s Intercity is impressive with its low fuel consumption. For this, lightweight construction was consistently pursued in the development. After extensive testing, we were successful in showing a measurable reduction in the aerodynamic drag. In addition, the maintenance- and repair friendliness of the bus reduces downtimes to a minimum.

Vehicle Intercity Intercity C
Length 12,280 mm 13,050 mm
Luggage capacity approx 5.2 m³ 6.4 m³
Seat arrangement max. 55 59