MAN Lion's Regio

MAN Lion's Regio – efficient over every route

The MAN all-rounder is suitable for the city, countryside and long distances. The modern model range sets new standards. It combines a striking design with a large number of technical innovations. The Lion's Regio masters a wide variety of uses. Always ready to drive, it also meets high demands with regard to comfort and profitability.

The equipment on each model can be fitted out for excursions or long distances as required. Also in public transport, the versatile regional buses safely and comfortably bring their passengers to their destination. The dynamic common rail engines ensure fuel consumption is tremendously low over every route. Discover the power efficiency of the MAN Lion's Regio buses – in city as well as in intercity journeys.

The MAN Lion's Regio intercity coach series has high-torque six-cylinder in-line engines with common rail fuel injection; engines, that consume less fuel, comply with the Euro 6 exhaust-gas standard and therefore protect the environment. And so that they are optimally prepared for every area of service, there is a choice from four transmission variants as well as flexibility with equipment.

The two-axle MAN Lion's Regio impresses through its passenger capacity. The Lion's Regio offers a comfortable seat to 55 passengers, in the Regio C and Regio L models 59 and 63 passengers have a seat. Baggage is also stowed away conveniently and safely in the spacious underfloor luggage compartment with a volume up to 6.8 m³ (Lion's Regio C).

All MAN Lion's Regio models are extremely manoeuvrable. This applies to a length of approx. 13 metres, a floor height of 860 mm and a vehicle height of 3.40 m. This is the case for the two-axle Lion's Regio, Lion's Regio C as well as for the Lion's Regio L three-axle version fitted with an adhesion-steered trailing axle. The front axle with independent suspension always guarantees continuous ground contact.

The regional bus made by MAN offers pleasant seating comfort, even over long journeys. The bus provides numerous practical stowage compartments for luggage and a sophisticated lighting concept for the interior. The MAN Lion's Regio with a choice of a WC and an on-board kitchen. The cockpit can be matched to individual driver requirements to increase comfort for the driver.